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Why CapitolMac?

Why come to CapitolMac instead of the Apple Store? We’re glad you asked.

Are we as good as they are? Many of our customers say we’re better.

We realize that there are a lot of places that claim to service Apple products, and it can be hard to tell who’s properly credentialed and who isn’t.

CapitolMac has been here for a while. We first opened our doors way back in 1984 (the year the Macintosh was introduced), in Richmond, Virginia, as the region’s original, local source for Apple products and support. Now, right off the bat, you might notice something: 1984 is a very long time before there were any Apple Stores (which began opening in 2001).

And for its entire 34-year history, CapitolMac has been fully authorized by Apple to sell and service Apple products. In fact, prior to the existence of the Apple Store, we (and stores like us) were the only place to go for Apple sales and repairs. In other words, we were “the Apple store” before the Apple Store.

And to this day, we get referrals from the Apple Store for repairs they’d rather not do (or can’t do), for onsite support and service (a service they don’t provide), and even for add-on products they don’t sell. And when you search the Apple website for places to buy or service Apple products, we come up in the search results, alongside the Apple Store. (Now consider how many corner phone and computer repair places there are in your city, and how virtually none of them come up in those same search results.)


We aren’t one of those shady corner repair joints.

Unlike all those other places, we can actually order genuine Apple parts (and use them on your repairs). This means that their “repairs” are done with knock-off parts from unknown sources, with no quality control or warranty support from Apple. (Yes, that’s another nasty detail those places won’t tell you about: If you had a warranty on your Apple device before you went to one of those unauthorized service centers, Apple will declare it null and void once they touch it. This will never happen at CapitolMac.)

In order to get this blessing from Apple, we have to meet strict requirements covering all sorts of things — the training of our technicians and sales staff, the appearance and locations of our stores, the layout of our technician’s work benches, the tool kits they use to work on your machines, and even the number of inches each demo computer or iPad is from each other and the edge of the table. We are required to keep our staff up to date on Apple training and certifications, and on top of all that, Apple sends “secret shoppers” to each of our stores every quarter to make sure we’re treating our customers properly.

Those cheaper places without official Apple authorization don’t have to do any of this. And without any of that stuff to worry about, sure, they can afford to charge a little less. The problem is, you get what you pay for. They can’t say what we can: Namely, that we have every claim to legitimacy that the actual Apple Store does. They have none.

Each CapitolMac store boasts several Apple bona fides, which we’d love to tell you about.


Apple Value Added Reseller

There are a number of independent Apple resellers in America, but then there are Apple Value Added Resellers. And CapitolMac is one of this latter group. What does this mean to you? For one thing, it means that we’re far more than just an Apple reseller; indeed, we’re better described as an “independent Apple store.” That means we have the pluses of the Apple Store, and none of the minuses. There’s no mall to walk through (which can be difficult if you’re carrying a broken desktop). There’s no need to make an appointment to see us. (What an utterly absurd concept.) And we actually have roots in the local community. When you visit us, you park, you walk a few feet, and you’re at our front door.

We’ve won a few awards over the years — not just from Apple itself, but from our customers as well (by way of their votes in reader’s polls and social media.


Apple Premium Service Provider

Sure, we’ve been an Apple Authorized Service Provider for years. This means that we handle service and repair work on Apple products (including Beats), both in and out of warranty. Almost every repair we do is done in the store; we generally don’t need to ship your hardware to a remote facility for service. (On those rare occasions when we do, that facility is Apple itself.) Nor do we turn our nose up at servicing machines that are more than a couple of years old.

But for the last couple of years, we’ve achieved Premium Service Provider status. Only 18% of Apple’s Authorized Service Providers nationwide attain this designation (as of 2015, the latest year for which Apple has shared the data with us), and it means that according to a broad range of very rigid metrics (including your feedback and comments in surveys sent to you directly from Apple after we’ve serviced your products), we’re really, really good. Here’s how good: Take the metro areas of Richmond, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Tidewater/Norfolk/Virginia Beach, and there are a grand total of six Premium Service Providers in all of these areas combined. And guess what? Half of those six are CapitolMac stores.


Apple Consultants Network

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, CapitolMac provides both home users and businesses with expert, onsite, Apple-certified consulting and IT support. This is a service unique to us (and most of the small community of independent, Apple-authorized resellers and service providers around the country).