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Apple Authorized Repairs

Apple repairs are the bread and butter of CapitolMac’s business. In fact, if Apple makes it, we can fix it. We support the entire line of Apple products — starting in 1984 with the Macintosh, and then adding iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats, and HomePod over the years. We also repair accessories and displays, both in and out of warranty.

Here are some things to keep in mind to help speed your repair process along. While none of these are requirements, and not all of these suggestions will apply to every situation, every step you’re able to take to prepare for service will make things go more smoothly.


Before the Repair

Make notes about the problem(s) you’re having — if there are multiple issues with your device, you don’t want to forget to mention one when you check it in with us. If a problem is sporadic, it may help to note when it happened, what you were doing at the time (the application, website, or activity in question, for instance), and exactly what happened (error messages, odd sounds, crashes, etc.).

Reform a backup of your device if you can, whether through iCloud, Time Machine, our own CapitolCare backup service, Dropbox, Google Drive, or whatever you have available. If you are unable to make a backup, CapitolMac can usually do so for an additional charge. Many failures and repairs don’t affect the hard drive or your data, but without a backup, you’ll obviously be unable to access your data until the repair is completed.

Optionally, if you’d like your device’s password or unlock code to remain confidential, change it (if you can) before bringing it in to us. (We need to know your administrative password for many repairs, so you may want to temporarily change it.) Alternately, you can change your password to something new after you’ve received your computer back.


Coming in for the Repair

You never need to make an appointment with us, but we do recommend that you check our store hours and come in at least 30 minutes before we close. Typically, we’ll get you in and out in 15 to 20 minutes. (It may take a bit longer during busy periods, but in general, this is a good guideline.)

If you’re bringing in an older or less common computer, you may want to bring your power adapter. Though we don’t need you to bring your power adapter for most late-model devices, we suggest you do so if you have a display, an Xserve, or other device that’s more than 4-5 years old. Aside from that, we don’t need any cables at all.

Don’t bring your keyboard and mouse. Unless the problem you are experiencing is specifically related to the mouse and/or keyboard, you don’t need to bring those with you.

Consider an upgrade, while you’re at it. If you have been thinking about adding more memory (RAM) or a larger hard drive to your computer, or upgrading your operating system, we can often complete upgrades without adding time (and therefore, with very little or no additional labor cost) to the repair.

Also consider purchasing AppleCare+ or CapitolCare, if you haven’t already. Your repair may be covered under the standard one-year warranty, but if you have any problems with your computer after that warranty ends, you’ll have to pay our regular service prices unless you’ve extended your warranty to three years with AppleCare. AppleCare can be purchased any time within the first year of ownership, regardless of where you originally purchased your Mac, and we’ll be happy to add it to your order.

Finally, consider renting a computer during your repair. We know it’s tough to be without your machine, which is why we offer rentals with pre-installed software to meet the majority of users’ needs. We don’t currently offer an iPhone or iPad loaner program of our own, but if your iOS device falls under certain Apple repair programs, you may be entitled to a free loaner. (Our technicians can advise as to whether your repair qualifies.)


After the Repair

Your technician will call or email you (or both) as soon as the repair is completed. (This is why it’s important that you provide us correct contact information when you bring in your repair.) Though not required, bringing in the receipt you received at check-in (also known as your SRO) helps make the pickup process go more smoothly.

It will take anywhere from five to 15 minutes to pick up your repair, process any payments, and bring your device out to you. If you rented a loaner in conjunction with the repair, this may add some time to the checkout process; otherwise, we ask that you return it within two days of your repair completion. Repairs should be picked up within 30 days of repair completion; after 45 days, they are considered abandoned.

If you have any questions or issues about your repair after you’ve picked it up, you’re always welcome to call us, or send us an e-mail us at [email protected] This address goes to the service departments of all three locations, but we’ll figure it out and direct your message accordingly. (That said, it certainly won’t hurt if you tell us which store location you’re working with.)

A repair is a good reminder that yes, even Apple products can and do occasionally fail. Take this opportunity to start backing up your data. We’ll be happy to discuss your backup options with you when you pick up your repair.