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Business Class Support

CapitolMac’s onsite support team has served the homes and offices of customers for two decades. And if there’s one theme that underlies our work, it’s this: We appreciate excellence and attention to detail the most when it’s equally applied to every aspect of a work — whether that work is creative, technical, or otherwise.

And thus, it goes without saying that we strive to provide that same level of excellence and attention to detail in whatever we do. We believe that a list of IT buzzwords is not an acceptable replacement for properly written, friendly, human-sounding words that convey to you, our potential client, the degree to which we value providing excellent, responsive service.

Let’s start by telling you who we aren’t. Unlike many of our competitors, we aren’t a Windows-centric “squad” affiliated with a big-box retailer who, despite having no Apple authorizations whatsoever, decides to market itself as competent in Mac support. We’re Mac-focused (and pedantic) enough to know you don’t put “Mac” in all caps when abbreviating it, and that “macOS” starts with a lower-case M and has no space in it. We don’t come to your site with a Windows laptop in hand (setting aside from the fact that, of course, Mac portables can run Windows, too). We don’t try to be all things to all people — we aren’t fixing Android phones and Asus laptops in the back (not that there’s anything wrong with those products). Our laser-sharp focus is on Apple.

We’re longtime members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), and we only send Apple-certified technicians to your site. We see it like this: It’s one thing for us to know that we know our stuff, but more importantly, we want to make sure we leave you with the distinct impression that we do, too.


Here’s some of what our Professional Services group can do for you.

We cater to a full range of clients — from the home-based freelance writer who’s just switched to the Macintosh and would like help in the transition, to the corporate IT department in need of Mac-specific network integration assistance — and everything in between. Our services include (but certainly aren’t limited to) the following.

You may have no full-time, in-house IT staff, or only Windows-trained IT people. Or perhaps you have enough in-house Mac knowledge to keep you covered for the basics, but would like someone a little more seasoned to help you with a larger project. Because most of our clients call on us for Mac-focused IT outsourcing, you can count on us to come in and offer you the help you need without getting in your way.

Introducing a new Mac-based server into your datacenter? Bringing in a new suite of iMac Pros, and need help integrating it into your existing network? We’ll give you a hand and show you how all your machines can play nice. And if you’re part of an IT department that isn’t normally accustomed to working with Macintosh systems, we’ll gladly share our knowledge and expertise with you. And we promise not to tease you for being a slave to Redmond.

Working with macOS and macOS Server is our specialty. And while the sheer volume of macOS’s benefits make it a compelling upgrade for most organizations, making the switch can also present signifcant challenges. We’ll work with you to assess how your existing hardware will work with the Mac, then prepare a migration plan down to every last RAM stick you’ll need. We then manage the migration so it doesn’t interfere with your workflow, and then train your staff as necessary when it’s all done. Optionally, you can choose to retain us with a maintenance contract afterwards.
We’ll get you networked and on the Internet. If you’d like to share your broadband connection among all the machines in your office, we’ll help you do it. Want to set up your own web or mail servers, share printers, or set up a company-wide login and authentication system? Give us a call.
If you need to know about which of the latest hardware and software offerings will suit your needs best, or if it makes more sense to upgrade than purchase, look no further. We can demonstrate the latest products for you onsite, in case you’d like a hands-on trial run. And as an Apple Specialist, of course, we offer one-stop shopping.
This isn’t an exhaustive list, of course. Our capabilities also extend into one-on-one training; hardware demonstrations; troubleshooting of client machines, servers, and networks; font management; phone and emergency support; and more.

Ask about a CapitolCare Business Class support plan today.

If you want to take this relationship to the next level, we offer our CapitolCare Business Class program, an organization-focused support contract service. You pay by the Seat (business for “user”) not the machine. Then we set you up with some nifty apps to keep your Macs (or Windows and Linux/Unix computers) tuneup up, patched up, and malware free. Our proactive software will tell us if your machines are having problems before you even know they are there, so we can get your hardware repaired and ready to go with minimum downtime. Plus, get discounts on most (non-Apple) products and service rates, unlimited online backups for one crticial Seat, with the option to enroll more Seats, and more. And of course, you get all of the benefits of having a CapitolMac consultant you can call on anytime. Email [email protected] for more info.