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Jamie Blumberg

Jamie Blumberg

Service Director

Despite his highly technical job, Jamie also didn’t study technology or computer science in school; his degree is in Religious Studies and Music. Which means he can tell you all about Gregorian chants while he repairs your computer. These days, Jamie is studying for a Masters in Information Technology at Virginia Tech. When he’s not buried in his computer for work or school, he’s often seen reading comics, playing video games, or listening to podcasts.

Marnie Wolfford

Marnie Wolfford

Store Manager, Richmond

A CapitolMac employee since 2000, Marnie’s been with the company longer than anyone on this page (yep, even the boss). Our current location is the third one she’s worked in, and she got the job when our then-store manager noticed that she worked for a band he loved. He offered her a job on that basis alone, she eventually ended up taking his job, and the rest is history.

As a teenager, Marnie worked for an independent record store in northern Virginia, moved on to work for an independent record label in New York, and now works for an independent Apple store in Richmond. And as manager of our flagship store, she knows what’s going on in every corner of the building. (Yep, even more so than the boss.) We all share the same respect for (and perhaps a slight touch of fear of) her.

Gavin Steidele

Gavin Steidele

Service Manager, Richmond

Gavin has been with CapitolMac since 2007. Before coming to CapitolMac, he worked for Bell TechLogix on the (in)famous Henrico iBook Project. (Google it — this was such a huge deal in the early 2000s that it made national news and was covered religiously by every Mac blog on the planet.)

With over 12 years of Apple-certified experience, there isn’t much Gavin hasn’t seen when it comes to computer failure and repair, and if he had a dollar for every customer who told him he saved their life by being able to recover their data, he wouldn’t be working for CapitolMac anymore; he’d be living on a beautiful island with the fastest fiber connection on earth.

Since that isn’t the case, however, he’s still with us, and he spends his free time enjoying video gaming.

Page Branson

Page Branson

Store Manager, Baltimore

A proud Apple Product Professional, Page is fully certified and is ready to handle all of your sales and product questions. In her spare time, she’s a comic book artist, podcaster, writer, and martial artist. This would naturally imply, of course, that she excels at multitasking.

John Orozco

General Manager, Williamsburg


Judi Smith

Store Manager, Williamsburg


Nick Orozco

Service Manager, Williamsburg