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Our History

Yes, our history is the proverbial “long, strange journey.”

CapitolMac began in Richmond, Virginia in 1990, as the original, local source for Apple products and support in central Virginia. Through much of the 1990s and until 2002, we were one of several Apple Specialists located throughout Virginia and Maryland, under the umbrella of the late New Mac Vision and Alexandria-based Uptime Computer. Among the sister companies we were associated with, only one remains, aside from us: Harrisonburg’s BlueRidgeMac (with whom we’re good friends to this day).

Until 2010, CapitolMac had only one location, in Richmond. Throughout those years, our ownership changed a few times, as did our store location. (We’ve even had some gaps where the store was closed in between owners. The stories behind this are actually a lot more exciting and drama-filled, but defamation lawsuits might ensue if we got into greater detail, so we’ll refrain.) A year after the company was acquired by its current owner in 2009, we opened a second location in Baltimore.

Even our Baltimore location, though open since 2010, has echoes farther in the past. Up until 2002, a store by the name of Mac Home & Office, located in Towson, was Baltimore’s only Apple Specialist. It was also a sister company of CapitolMac (also owned by New Mac Vision). Though a competitor of ours purchased that company (only to shut it down), we like to think of ourselves as an old family member who came back to Baltimore to pick up the Mac Home & Office baton. We’re proud to carry on their DNA as the Baltimore area’s only Apple Specialist. (The competitor, despite purchasing them, doesn’t hold all of the same Apple authorizations we do.)

And meanwhile, the itch to expand never quite left us. In 2015 we opened our doors in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was only inevitable, perhaps; we already counted a number of Williamsburg residents among our customer base in Richmond. Williamsburg is our first store in a real, full-fledged shopping center (the Shops at New Town), and we’re enjoying the experience.

Each of our three stores is managed by local residents, with roots in their respective local communities. We’re proof that you can purchase products from (literally) the largest corporation in the history of the world, while at the same time supporting a local, mom-and-pop business. It’s been a rocky road getting here, but the seas seem to have finally calmed. (If you’ll excuse the extremely mixed metaphor.)