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Data Recovery

With so much of our lives — personal and professional — on our computers and devices, you don’t need us to tell you how crippling it can feel to face the prospect of losing it all. But it happens sometimes, and we aren’t always so vigilant about backing up our data. (We’ll come clean: Most of us here at CapitolMac have been guilty of it at one time of another, too.) Fortunately, all is not lost. Data recovery has been one of our flagship services from day one.

Now, more than ever, CapitolMac has an arsenal of tools to achieve the seemingly impossible goal of resurrecting data that seems to be in limbo. In addition to the suite of tools we’ve used for years, we’ve recently invested in higher, far more aggressive tiers of data recovery that go above and beyond most of our competitors.

Data recovery has always been one of the services the Apple Store has been unable to provide (though it’s led to them giving us lots of referrals — thanks, guys!). And we continue to ramp up our data-recovery services.


What can we recover data from?

Our focus is on Macs (running any version of macOS), though we can take in Windows or *UX systems as well. Virtually any hard drive — internal or external — qualifies as well. RAID arrays, iOS devices, and digital/solid-state media (e.g., Compact Flash, memory sticks, SD cards, etc.) are fair game as well (though there’s a higher likelihood that we may have to send it out, rather than handle it in-house). When in doubt, give us a call and talk with a technician; we’ll let you know if your device qualifies.

Sometimes, it’s not possible to recover all of your data. We let you define a successful recovery (i.e., when you check your device in, we’ll ask you what data you need, at a minimum, to consider the recovery successful, and then we use that as our definition of a “successful” recovery). If the recovery isn’t successful, we only charge you a minimal, very reasonable recovery attempt fee (to compensate us for our time), rather than the normal cost of the data recovery. (It’s a very significant savings.)


And, if all else fails . . .

CapitolMac is an Authorized Reseller of DriveSavers, which is the last resort (albeit an excellent, very reliable one) for those rare cases when our very thorough data recovery services don’t get the job done. That means that we can offer you a discount on their service, should it come to that. (And even if you’d prefer to deal with DriveSavers directly, you can still benefit from our reseller discount — simply mention Reseller Code DS10487 when you make your order, and you’ll get an automatic 10% off.)


Our Data Recovery Future

The future’s even brighter for data recovery at CapitolMac. At our Richmond and Baltimore stores (and beginning soon in Williamsburg), we are currently piloting some new, advanced data recovery methods with select customers in particularly desperate situations. Going forward, we will expand this to all our stores and all customers. Ultimately, our objective is to become one of the leading vendors of data recovery in the Northeast.

It’s an audacious goal, but we feel we’re up to the task. We’d love to tell you more about it, and ultimately, we will. For now, though, feel free to bring us your biggest recovery challenge, and if we feel you’re a good challenge, we’ll be happy to put you in our early pilot program.