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CapitolMac: Thank you, Baltimore Yelpers, for making us the #1 Computer Store!

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Apples to apples! A fun game and an infographic comparing the fruit to the tech giant Who stacks up?...

Crazy cat lady, or man? Your favorite feline will go crazy for this app controlled chameleon ball!...

Can you iPad survive a fall from space? Apparently, yes!...

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For those in the film/tv industry, here's a few handy apps for learning lines and keeping track of scripts....

The Apple TV was Apple's fastest growing product in 2013. Have you picked up yours yet?...

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Introducing the New CapitolMac Richmond.

We are thrilled to announce the new home of our flagship store in Richmond, coming Monday, February 29, 2016! We haven't roamed too far, though, and are still in the Fan. But now we're a few blocks to the west, at 1700 West Main Street. As the only business in the building, we've taken taken to calling it the CapitolMac Building. (Will it catch on? We sure hope so!)

We're hiring Macintosh Technicians!


NOTE:  Both Technician positions have now been filled.  Thank you for your interest!

CapitolMac is the USA's first Apple reseller to accept Bitcoin!

We're happy to announce that since December, 2013, both CapitolMac stores now accept Bitcoin as a method of payment! There are no minimums or maximums.  We use for a real-time, trade volume-averaged exchange rate based on multiple Bitcoin markets at the time of purchase.

Black Friday 2012

Oh, were you looking to save a few bucks on Apple products and accessories? This might be your lucky day. This Friday, November 23, we're happy to offer the following deals.

All Macs below $1,500: $50.00 off
All Macs above $1,500: $100 off

iPad/iPad mini:

$499 iPads: $469 ($30 off)
$599 iPads: $559 ($40 off)
$699 iPads: $649 ($50 off)

$629 iPads: $589 ($40 off)
$729 iPads: $679 ($50 off)
$829 iPads: $769 ($60 off)

iPad mini: Sorry, no discounts. Come on, they're cheap enough as it is.


iPod nano: $11 off
iPod touch: $20 off

MacsPlus logo

CapitolMac Announces Acquisition of MacsPlus

CapitolMac is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Baltimore-based MacsPlus, a provider of onsite and remote support for Macintosh-based hardware, software, and networks. Effective immediately, MacsPlus clients will be served by CapitolMac technicians, though MacsPlus personnel will work with existing customers as their accounts are transitioned to CapitolMac.

child with ipad

You know, for kids!

When we pick up the little guy there is a familiar routine: “Hey, Buddy! How was your day?” “Good”, he says. “Can I check my dragons?” Out comes the iPad and it’s off to DragonVale.
Many of us got new gadgets for our holiday gift, and we immediately started filling them up with apps to play with. We’re no different. Truth be told, there are more apps on our gadgets for him than for us. We thought that we’d share some of his favorites with you.

seeing into 2012

Some Wishes For 2012

We hope that you had a safe and wonderful holiday season. If you're like us, you probably ate too much. You hopefully got to do this too, with friends and loved ones. And everyone hopefully started 2012 with a delightful new gadget!

That last one was kind of a plug, but you know…

We do have some wishes for 2012, and we thought we’d see how good we are at predicting the future.

Tin Cans & String:  The New Blackberry

Is Big Brother Reading Your Texts?

In case you missed the news, Richmond, Virginia was an international topic on Black Friday. At Short Pump Town Center in the city’s fashionable West End, software and antennas were installed to track shopper’s movements. It used the shopper’s mobile phone. It would tell researchers where shoppers went, how long they stayed, and where they went next. Analysts could then figure out how to market to someone who went to Urban Outfitters for half an hour and then made a beeline to Starbucks.

Concert phone

What’s In Your Diet?

We wanted to start out with a couple of stories.  Real stories, about real people.

Camera Store

The Death of the Camera Store

Driving in Downtown Richmond found me passing by the location of one of my favorite old camera shops.  The place had been around for over 60 years.  It was now closed.

I had gone there for years.  I still have my first camera, a cinderblock heavy Pentax K1000 that served me through school.  Heavy and clunky, it had no auto functions.  It would (and still does) take great shots, but would only do what you commanded it to do, seemingly lacking a soul.