About Us

CapitolMac began in Richmond, Virginia in 1990, as the original, local source for Apple products and support in central Virginia. Throughout the years, we've moved among several locations in the Fan District before landing at our present location at 1700 West Main in 2016.  In November, 2010, we expanded to a second location in our current owner's hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.  In 2015, bowing to popular demand, we opened our doors in Williamsburg, Virginia.  And we may not even be done yet.

At all of our stores, we boast several Apple bona fides, which we'd love to tell you about.

Apple Specialist

There are a number of independent Apple resellers, and then there are Apple Specialists.  And CapitolMac is one. What does this mean to you? For one thing, it means that we're far more than just an Apple reseller; indeed, we're better described as an "independent Apple store." No, we aren't the Apple Store (shopping mall rents are quite high), but we most certainly are an Apple Store. That means we have all the pluses of the Apple store, and none of the minuses. There's no mall to walk through (which can be difficult if you're carrying a broken desktop). There's no need to make an appointment to see us. (What an utterly absurd concept.) There's no need to explain basic computing concepts to the alleged "genius" checking in your machine. And unlike the blindingly bright store in the mall, we actually have roots in the local community. When you visit us, you park, you walk a few feet, and you're at our front door.

We've won a few awards over the years—not just from Apple, but from our customers as well (by way of their votes in "Best of [Baltimore/Richmond]" polls in such publications as Richmond Magazine, City Paper, Style Weekly, and others)—to back us up. 

Apple Premium Service Provider

Sure, we've been an Apple Authorized Service Provider for years.  This means that we handle service and repair work on Apple products (including Beats), both in and out of warranty. Almost every repair we do is done in the store; we don't ship your hardware to a remote facility for service. Nor do we turn our nose up at servicing machines that are more than a couple of years old. The readers of Style Weekly have voted us the best computer repair shop (among all shops, PC and Mac), and the readers of Richmond magazine regularly award us recognition, most recently in the 2010 “Best of Richmond” issue, where they ranked us the best computer repair store for Apple/Macintosh products. (Yep, we even placed ahead of that place in the mall that we can't name.) And perhaps best of all, we'd never dream of asking you to make an appointment to bring your computer in for service.

But for the last couple of years, we've achieved Premium Service Provider status.  Only 18% of Apple's Authorized Service Providers nationwide attain this designation (as of 2015), and it means that according to a broad range of very rigid metrics (including your feedback and comments in surveys sent to you directly from Apple after we've serviced your products), we're really, really good.  Here's how good:  Take the metro areas of Richmond, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Tidewater/Norfolk/Virginia Beach, and there are a grand total of six Premium Service Providers in all of these areas combined.  And guess what?  Half of those six are CapitolMac stores.

Apple Consultants Network

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, CapitolMac provides both home users and businesses with expert, onsite, Apple-certified consulting and IT support. This is a service that the mall stores don't even offer—and no, "Joint Venture" doesn't count, either.  Please see our Business section to learn why, and for more information.

5131 Main Street | Williamsburg, VA 23188-2811
Tel 757.320.5800